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Asurion Passwords


Asurion Passwords

As the sole designer on Asurion Passwords I was responsible for the maintenance and improvements of both their Android and iOS apps. Both of these apps are available in the Google Play Store and iOS App store.

Asurion Passwords is a password manager app that allows users to securely store and access their login credentials for their online accounts. 

We created Asurion Passwords to compliment the other two apps, a tech support app and a photo storage app, that come with Asurion's Mobile Device Insurance plans. We design, develop, and white label these apps for the top 3 largest mobile carriers in the US. 


Project 01 — Stolen Passwords (2017)

Android — Ongoing Flow, Stolen Passwords

iOS — Ongoing Flow, Safe Passwords



01 Situation

We needed to increase engagement with our app and gain more users. In light of recent events surrounding passwords and information being hacked, we thought developing a tool for users to check if their passwords had ever been stolen would both increase engagement and increase the number of passwords added per user.

02 Obstacles

There was a lot of feedback during our testing that they loved the idea of being able to check if their login records had been stolen, but didn't believe it was that easy to check. We also were in the middle of negotiating a contract with another company to do the stolen password check but it was blocking the development of the feature so we went another route.

03 Action

I created user flows and prototypes based off of user stories. I also ran usability and preference testing throughout the design process to validate my design decisions. There were known limitations from engineering but the designs were shared with the team throughout the process to stay on the same page. Our KPI was to increase the number of login records saved per user from 5 to 10. 

04 Results

We came up with two approaches, one to allow users to check if their password had been stolen after every login record is added, also known as the immediate check, and one that did a weekly check to scan all of their currently saved login records, also know as the ongoing check. This project is live in the App store for both Android and iOS but I do not have any data to show if we met our KPI. 

What did I learn?

I learned how to better structure my research questions on, how to run preference testing on UsabilityHub, and how to better record users during guerrilla testing sessions with users at coffee shops. I also learned that sometimes, no matter how much time you spend on a project, it might get shut down due to the client, a budget, or something completely unexpected. It also might unexpectedly start back up, and you should leave a project in a good place to pick it right back up where you left it. I also spent a good amount of time structuring our files and using symbols so we could easily re-skin the app in the scenario one of our carriers wanted to move forward with this project. 


User Flows

Immediate Flow

Ongoing Flow