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Bringing the Promise of Mobile to Eye Care

As the sole designer on the product team at Digisight I was responsible for both the user interface and experience and visual design of their app, Paxos Mobile. Paxos Mobile is designed to allow ophthalmologists to easily share and record images, take and share Visual Acuity and Intraocular Pressure exams, and take and share notes on patients in multiple settings including ophthalmology residencies, emergency departments and regular office visits. 

Scope 1.0

I was contacted initially to do a small UI update to their existing app, Scope. The task was to design it so the changes were as minimal as possible and to create something that followed their current (at the time) design aesthetic. I spent a lot of time with the head of product understanding the user, the context of which they used the app, and how they currently worked. This work was not documented, and at the time I didn't realize how important it was to do so, but I did understand how to apply the user research to redesign the UI. I then focused on ways to improve the overall look and feel as much as possible while still trying to follow their current design. I had tons of ideas for how to improve the app overall throughout this process and took notes and let the head of product know what my ideas were for small redesign ideas from there. 

Scope 2.0

The small UI changes to Scope were being well received, but I was also able to show the team how much a full redesign would positively impact our users. The product team recognized this based off of user feedback and my knowledge of design and asked me to start wire framing a new idea for the app. With the knowledge I had gained about the existing product and users, I did multiple iterations of wireframes until I came up with a very complex app to understand the possibilities. From there we paired down to create the MVP. 

Paxos Mobile 

I knew we were on the right track, but I wanted to learn more about the process. I started going to UX meet ups and talks around the city, reading product design and management books and articles on how to document user research, build user maps, what a customer experience journey is, and how to use the context and flow of our users more effectively. I also began relying more on prototypes and talking with users to get feedback early on and iterate quicker. We continued to work on and refine our MVP. Roughly six months later, Paxos Mobile, a new app, was released to the app store.

Below are some examples of the visual design of the app. I am happy to review and explain what these mean and give you a dive into how the app was structured or how and why we made specific decisions!