Digisight Technologies


Digisight Technologies

As a design consultant at Digisight I was responsible for two projects. The first project was a visual redesign of their iOS app Scope. The second project was a complete app design, Paxos Mobile. 

Paxos Mobile is designed to allow ophthalmologists and emergency doctors to easily share and record images, take and share Visual Acuity and Intraocular Pressure exams, and take and share notes on patients in multiple settings including ophthalmology residencies, emergency departments and regular office visits. 


Project 01 - Scope, iOS App Visual Redesign

01 Situation

Digisight needed a full facelift on their existing app, Scope. Scope was an iOS app that allowed physicians to take photos of eyes and share them with other physicians.  


02 Obstacle

The existing app did not have a great user experience, and it was challenging not to want to make changes. Throughout the redesign efforts I was learning about their users and the context of which they use the app.

03 Action

I got to work on doing a deep dive into how I could give their existing app a facelift without changing their existing UI/UX. I did a competitive analysis on a few other apps, but this being a fairly new concept, a lot of my inspiration came from apps outside of the healthcare field.

04 Result

I delivered a new visual language for the app as well as reorganized their sketch file, but we had come to a conclusion that this app needed to be scrapped and completely redesigned from the ground up. Scope was then replaced with Paxos Mobile. 

Project 02 - Paxos Mobile

01 Situation

After assessing that a full redesign was needed, we got to work on a new app with features up the wazoo. The strategy was to dream up our perfect app and build backwards to create an MVP. 

02 Obstacles

Considering I had just been hired to do a UI redesign and I had never done UI/UX work before, my biggest obstacle was transitioning from a mostly visual design background to a Product Designer role.

03 Action

I was learning on the job, attending design meet ups, reading books, taking online courses, and doing pretty much anything I could to improve my process and grow as a designer.

04 Results

I learned how to prototype, ask for feedback from users, use user personas and maps effectively, and most importantly, I learned how to become an empathetic designer. I also taught myself iOS pattern design, when to use it and when not to, and how to work with product management and engineering on a daily basis.