Orange Silicon Valley

Orange Silicon Valley

Orange Silicon Valley

As a Design Consultant at Orange Silicon Valley I worked on UI/UX, wire framing, branding, web design, and brainstorming within formations across the company.

"Orange Silicon Valley (OSV) is the Bay Area presence of Orange, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, serving 265 million customers across 29 countries. Through research, development, and strategic analysis, we actively participate in the disruptive innovations that are changing the way we communicate. OSV contributes to and engages with the regional Silicon Valley ecosystem through numerous programs, such as our Orange Fab startup accelerator, Orange Institute, and ongoing collaborations with our partners."


Project 01 — Website Redesign (2016)

The previous website was not responsive or mobile friendly. Orange had also rebranded so I worked on the visual design and UX of the website.


Project 02 — Branded Collateral (2016)

Brochures  — These were used to promote OSV during events held on-site from other companies.

Charts —These were used in a weekly email sent to Orange Executives.


Project 03 — Visual Design, UI/UX, Segment Analysis (2016)

These desktop application screens were created from user case studies and initial desktop designs that were given to me by the client. Below is an example of a recent update to the Segment Analysis pages done in September 2016, though I was responsible for the whole project done in March 2016. 

UI/UX and Visual Designs


Project 04 — Wireframes and Conceptualizing, Feedback Request (2015)

01 Situation

Employees want a way to give and receive feedback in a structured way.

02 Obstacle

Receiving the type of feedback you are seeking can be challenging without the right guidance and documenting feedback you receive is not a common practice.

03 Action

Design an easy-to-use form that allows users to request feedback they want to receive from their peers and give the ability to follow up in person.

04 Results

Wireframes that outline a way to quickly request feedback online from a coworker and respond with a thank you or follow up meeting. We tested these with users outside of our office recruited from Craigslist.